Friday, August 3, 2012

Secret behind the secret cliffs

OVER a year ago, I featured a secret cove safely hidden behind huge rocks at Long Beach or locally known as Unai Dankulo on Tinian.
There is more to it. Beyond the secret cove is another cove well concealed by rocks and cliffs which, if not for the open skies, it would have been a cave.
The exact spot is accessible only in two ways—braving the strong current and the huge sharp rocks at the coral edge, or crawling in your stomach through a narrow slit in a stone enclosure, a method people with claustrophobia wouldn’t find fascinating.
Bordering the beach on your right side is a rocky cliff which seem to spell ‘deadend’ to your exploration but don’t stop there. Right beside the cliff are shallow parts where kids can swim and frolick. At the bottom of the cliff, get on your stomach and start crawling inside the small opening of a tight crevice. This will lead you to a secluded but very beautiful hidden beach perfect for camping and private parties.
The spot I am focusing on is just a few meters up above this hidden beach. Pick you way a little further passing sharp rocks and crevices and you will come to a rocky enclosure that is perfect for a shrine or a grotto.
Vines clinging to the roots of trees in the cliff add to the spooky atmosphere. At this very spot, you feel like you are cut off from the rest of the world with only the rocks and cliffs and the sound of the waves rushing into the beach down.
At this spot, you can lost track of time and concentrate only in your immediate surroundings—a peaceful and tranquil environment far from the daily cares of work and routine.
Leftovers from a campfire like half burned pieces of coal were the only telltale signs that some people had barbeque in the place previously. A small enclosure under a rocky ledge serves perfect to spread a mat and enjoy a peaceful day away from anybody and everybody.
Unai Dankulo is one of Tinian’s favorite destinations with a long stretch of white sand shores in the North Field. The beach itself is a popular destination not only for tourists but local residents as well, but going beyond the ordinary scene will lead you to exciting nooks and crannies that a lot of people don’t even know existed.
There is more to the island than its pristine beaches and historical treasures. Just keep your eyes and ears open, and be adventurous. You will be surprised!